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  • 2021-09-18

    Inner diameter of seamless steel pipe is more than 6.0mm and wall thickness is less than 13mm annealed seamless steel pipe material, which can be used W-B75 Webster Hardness test with very fast, easy, suitable for rapid non-destructive of the seamless steel pipe material qualified inspection. Inner

  • 2021-09-16

    Requirements on pipe billet for hot-rolled seamless tube is related to and pipe varieties, uses and piercing methods. For general-purpose steel pipe tube quality requirements can be relaxed more, but the quality of important applications of tube steel and high-alloy steel pipe requirements must be s

  • 2021-09-15

    The preheating is total or partial heated during welding work. Usually using medium carbon steel, high carbon steel weldment quench cracking tendency or temperature lower ground conditions, a large difference when welding, as well as the thickness of the weldment need to warm up. purpose of preheati

  • 2021-09-09

    Stainless steel seamless pipe cracks principleCrevice corrosion is a form of localized corrosion crack in the surface sediments or shielded area surface passivation layer destruction. The processing or design cracks in the welding of stainless steel pipe fittingsmouth at the other junction. In effec

  • 2021-09-07

    Pre-precision welding technology is the world's the most advanced technology in large diameter spiral pipe production, also known as the two-step production. The principle is the first step in the pre-welding technology produced fine spiral welding, that is, on a three- roll strip molding machine wh

  • 2021-09-06

    With the development of the national economy, all kinds of seamless steel pipes are widely used in petrochemical, boiler manufacturing industry, especially the harsh working conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, seamless steel pipe quality higher requirements. Seamless steel pipe gener

  • 2021-09-03

    There is a diameter ranging phenomenon in the cross section of round pipe, that there is not necessarily perpendicular to the maximum diameter and the minimum diameter, the maximum diameter and the minimum diameter of the difference is the ellipticity (or roundness). In order to control ovality, and

  • 2021-09-02

    Storage method of spiral welded pipe is as follows:1 The place where custody spiral steel pipe venues or warehouse, should be selected in a clean, smooth drainage away from the produce harmful gases or dust factories and mines. The presence on the ground to clear the weeds and all the debris, keepin

  • 2021-09-01

    Black steel pipe used for conveying fluid and solid, not only to exchange heat, manufacturing machinery parts and container, it is also a kind of economic steel. With black steel pipe manufacturing space truss structures, pillar and mechanical support, can reduce light weight, saving metal 20 ~ 40%,

  • 2021-08-25

    Steel pipe is the most widely used gas pipe project. Its main advantages are: high strength, good toughness, bearing stress, impact resistance and tight, good plasticity, easy welding and thermal processing, the wall thickness is thinner, saving metal. But its poor corrosion resistance need to have

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