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Inspection method of high frequency welded pipe

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Inspection method of high frequency welded pipe

1. Chemical composition analysis: chemical analysis method, instrumental analysis method (infrared C—S instrument, direct reading spectrometer, zcP, etc.).

A. Infrared C-S instrument: Analyze the C and S elements in ferroalloys, steel-making raw materials, and steel.

B. Direct reading spectrometer: C, Si, Mn, P, S, Cr, Mo, Ni, Cn, Al, W, V, Ti, B, Nb, As, Sn, Sb, Pb, Bi

C, N-0 instrument: Gas content analysis N, O

2. Check the geometry and appearance of high-frequency welded pipes:

A. Inspection of the wall thickness of high-frequency welded pipe: micrometer, thickness gauge, no less than 8 points at both ends and record.

B. Inspection of outer diameter and ovality of high-frequency welded pipe: caliper, vernier caliper, ring gauge, large and small points are measured.

C. Inspection of the length of high-frequency welded pipes: steel tape measure, manual and automatic length measurement.

D. Inspection of high-frequency welded pipe curvature: straightedge, level (1m), feeler gauge, thin wire to measure the curvature per meter and the full-length curvature.

E. Inspection of the bevel angle and blunt edge of the end face of the high-frequency welded pipe: square, cardboard.

3. Surface inspection of high frequency welded pipe: 100%

A. Artificial visual inspection: lighting conditions, standards, experience, signs, high-frequency welded pipe rotation.

B. Non-destructive inspection: lighting conditions, standards, experience, identification, high-frequency welded pipe rotation.

C. Wave flaw detection UT: It is more sensitive to various materials' surface and internal crack defects with uniform materials.




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