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Main technological characteristics of spiral steel pipe

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A. During the forming process, the steel plate deforms evenly, the residual stress is small, and the surface does not produce scratches. The processed spiral steel pipe has greater flexibility in the size and specification range of diameter and wall thickness, especially in the production of high-grade steel-grade thick-walled pipes, especially small and medium-diameter thick-walled pipes. It has advantages that other processes can't match and can satisfy users. More requirements on spiral steel pipe specifications.

B. Using advanced double-sided submerged arc welding technology, welding can be realized at the best position, and it is not easy to have defects such as misalignment, welding deviation, and incomplete penetration, and it is easy to control the welding quality.

C. Perform 100% quality inspection on steel pipes, so that the entire process of steel pipe production is under effective inspection and monitoring, which effectively guarantees product quality.

D. All equipment of the entire production line has the function of networking with the computer data acquisition system to realize instant data transmission, and the central control room will control the technical parameters in the production process.





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