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  • 2022-01-12

    The LSAW steel pipe heat treatment mode can also develop building structural tubes, boiler tubes, and marine pipelines for thick-wall LSAW steel pipe. High-frequency straight seam welded pipes should also pursue product diversification to produce precision pipes for automobiles, light industry, chem

  • 2022-01-07

    Product Name: Seamless steel pipeMaterial: Carbon steelDiameter: 83mmQuantity: 1000 tonsApplication: It is used for the energy project.Thanks to the new customer in Egypt. Wish many cooperations have given the customer full confidence in THREEWAY STEEL in the future.

  • 2022-01-06

    There are two possibilities for the formation of surface defects of spiral steel pipes: one is that the workpiece itself is not plastic in the process of deformation, resulting in cracks and outward folding; the other is that the surface of the material is oxidized to cause surface defects, and the

  • 2022-01-05

    The prefabricated submerged arc steel pipe fittings and assemblies in the processing plant must be completed, that is, all the welds have been welded, the flange joints are installed, and all the flange bolts of the long-term backing plate are worn and tightened. The comparison design value of the e

  • 2021-12-24

    Product: Metal coated formable steel. Material: EN10346. Specification: 1.5mm*1000mm*3000mm. The new customer in the Mexico construction industry product will be shipped. Here is the product before shipping.

  • 2021-12-22

    What are the main steel pipe fittings?1. The steel pipe fittings used to connect the pipes are: flanges, unions, pipe clamps, clamps, clamps, hose clamps, etc.2. Steel pipe fittings that change the direction of the pipe: elbows, elbows.3. Steel pipe fittings for changing the pipe diameter: reducing

  • 2021-12-16

    Advantages of 304 stainless steel pipe①Material performanceAs the name suggests, the thin-walled stainless steel pipe is made of stainless steel. The strength of stainless steel is 3 times that of copper pipes and 8-10 times that of PPR pipes. It can withstand the impact of high-speed water flow of

  • 2021-12-13

    The problem of uneven thickness of anti-corrosion coating of The problem of uneven thickness of anti-corrosion coating of spiral pipe and its treatment methodSpiral pipes are mainly used as fluid pipes and piling pipes. After the steel pipe is made, if it is used for water drainage, it will generall

  • 2021-12-08

    Thanks for Chile's regular customer order in the stainless steel pipe. These are the stainless steel welded pipes that will be shipped. Chile is an important country in South American. All of us know the Chilean industry and mining be important industries. There are strict requirements for the produ

  • 2021-12-03

    Colombia pipe fitting customers perfect receiptThreewaySteel Co., Ltd. has been based in China's steel industry for 20 years. While focusing on the integrated business of steel pipe production, inventory, and domestic sales, it has continuously won praise from foreign markets. As the third largest c

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