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  • 2021-06-24

    1. Water welding with pressureThis method is suitable when the pipeline leaks, the pipe itself is in good condition without serious rust and other defects, and the pressure in the pipe is small, so it can be directly welded.2. Self-made pipe clamp plugging methodThis method is suitable for methods s

  • 2021-06-22

    1 Judging from the surface, that is, in visual inspection. The visual inspection of welded joints is a simple procedure with a wide variety of inspection methods. It is an important part of finished product inspection, mainly to find welding surface defects and dimensional deviations. Generally, the

  • 2021-06-18

    1. Welding processIn the welding process, the welding method of the spiral steel pipe and the longitudinal welded pipe is the same, but the longitudinal welded pipe inevitably has many T-shaped welds, so the probability of welding defects is greatly increased, and the welding residual stress at the

  • 2021-06-16

    The appearance of the spiral steel pipe is not treated, which is beneficial to improve its service life.1. Use a wire brush, sandpaper, and other tools to polish the surface of the anticorrosive spiral pipe, which can remove loose oxide scale, rust, welding slag, etc.2. Use solvents and emulsions to

  • 2021-06-11

    1. Longer life, ordinary steel pipes have a certain lifespan. When ordinary materials are treated with anticorrosion, their lifespan can be as long as 20-30 years or longer. It can be described as the "lifetime star" in the pipeline, and it can be saved in use. It saves replacement, maintenance and

  • 2021-06-09

    The main purposeGalvanized pipes are usually used to loosen gas and heating. Galvanized pipes are also used as water pipes. However, after a few years of use, a large amount of rust will be generated. The yellow water that flows out will not only contaminate sanitary ware but also breed bacteria on

  • 2021-06-04

    It is recommended to use polyethylene anti-corrosion adhesive tape with a special primer for external anti-corrosion of the pipeline. This anti-corrosion process does not require high requirements on the construction site and is pollution-free. It can be prefabricated for corrosion protection, and t

  • 2021-06-02

    1. Manufacturing and processing methods of seamless steel pipes:(1) Hot rolling (extruded seamless steel tube): round tube billet→heating and piercing→three-roll cross-rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion and one-off tube→sizing (or reducing)→cooling→straightening→hydraulic pressure Test (or fla

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